Ongoing projects

Sport and recreation center, hotel complex, water bottling plant on the territory of Tugulymskij city district
650 million rubles

Building a hotel complex with 424 places of accommodation with objects of entertainment, medical, recreational purposes and catering enterprises

Building the dairy farm for 1800 head of dairy cows LLC «Udarnik»
1 636 million rubles

Create the farm on the basis of existing enterprise dairy livestock (LLC "Zemlya Sazhinskaya")

Building the breeding and seed station «Uralskij kartofel»
1886 million rubles

Creation the modern system of seed production to product and realize qualitative seed material of potatoes in industrial scales

Building and operation a plant for manufacturing cement clinker
4 billion rubles

Building of a plant for the production of gray and white cement on the territory of Sysertskij city district

Shishkin digital garment factory
108 million rubles

Launch the second stage of Uniform Atelier garment factory in Ekaterinburg with automation and digitalization of all production processes

Organization the production of ceramic cordierite substrates for automotive catalytic converter systems
78 million rubles

Production of ceramic, cordierite substrates for automotive catalytic converter systems that meet the standards for the toxicity of EurAsEC on the territory of TOSER "Novouralsk"

Creation the industrial park «Malahitovaya shkatulka»
260 million rubles

The industrial park is created on the basis of the cryolite plant

Creation the Ural high-speed railway Chelyabinsk-Ekaterinburg
343,9 billion rubles

Organization the high-speed communication between Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk

Multifunctional tourist and recreational health complex «Legend»
6 650 million rubles

Creation a naturopathic wellness laboratory, which includes a hotel with comprehensive wellness programs at all levels of health

Building and reconstruction the Koltsovo airport
18 460 million rubles

Reconstruction of airfield pavements , improvement of protective constructions of civil defense «Mayak A», the structure of supply networks and communications, building coatings ways of handling special vehicles

«Kontur-Park» and «Research and production center SKB Kontur»
7 197 million rubles

Building an open complex of research and production buildings for high-tech companies for 3000 jobs and an educational information technology center with a hostel

Plant of profile details for building with a cycle of sawmilling and logging of LLC «Ural timber company»
505 million rubles

Production with high added value by complex processing of wood raw materials and waste on the basis of modernization of logging and woodworking capacities

Import-substituting production of genetically engineered and analog insulin from its own substance
410 million rubles

Modernization of production of genetically engineered and analog insulin

Creation of high-tech woodworking production LLC «Synergy»
5 850 million rubles

The project provides the production of final products: plywood (large-format, square), sawmill (coniferous and deciduous), firewood

Creation of a new timber processing plant for veneer production with its own logging cycle LLC «TURA LES »
501,2 million rubles

Own cycle of all logging and forestry works, including the creation of new woodworking processing, waste disposal sites and new jobs

Building the sports and recreation complex in Krasnoturinsk
167,737 million rubles

Creation and development the effective infrastructure of the sphere of physical culture and sports for various groups of the population, including for persons with disabilities

Building the sports and recreation cluster in Ekaterinburg LLC «Center of housing construction»
1 158 million rubles

Creation a multifunctional sports complex with a full range of fitness services

Creation the innovative scientific and technological center «Tatishchev»
24000 million rubles

Creation a world-class center of scientific, technological and production competencies in the field of new production technologies and digital economy

Creation and development of innovative medical cluster «Academicheskij»

Creation a world-class medical innovation territorial cluster «Academicheskij» in Ekaterinburg

Creation the tourist and recreational complex «Mountain Belaya»
23 950 million rubles

Creation the cluster will reveal the potential of the adjacent territories of the villages of Visim and Chernoistochinsk, such important natural objects as the natural Park «Chusovaya River" and Visimsky biosphere reserve

Building and commissioning the second stage of the cable plant «Bogoslovsky cable plant»
1 076,4 million rubles

Organization the production of cable and wire products

Organization the production of metalworking equipment LLC «GRS Ural»
3 150 million rubles

The project is focused on the creation of import-substituting production of metalworking equipment

Expansion the local production of components for social food and ready meals in aluminum casalettes
890 million rubles

Increase the production capacities, creation the own raw material base (cultivation of vegetables, berries) for the subsequent processing, development of logistic system (delivery of raw materials and finished products)

Development the kachkanarskoe deposit
5 420 million rubles

The project includes the construction of infrastructure, the acquisition of quarry equipment, the organization of service industries

Modernization the technological chain for the production of high- precision replaceable polyhedral plates for cutting tools
578 million rubles

The project provides the production of products using innovative technologies Kirovgrad plant of hard alloys

Building the factory «Polymetal» of processing complex ores
3 525,9 million rubles

Building a concentrator for processing several types of polymetallic ores

Modernization, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of VSMPO- AVISMA fixed assets
22 700 million rubles

The project is aimed on increasing the production capacity of sheet metal production and maintaining existing production facilities in working condition

Creation of chemical cluster-chemical Park «Tagil»
38 000 million rubles

Сreation a special industrial infrastructure for investors

Reconstruction and development of emerald-beryllium production of «Mariinsky mine»
5 000 million rubles

The project provides the modernization of existing production, the introduction of new technologies and the development of new areas of deposits of precious and semi- precious stones

Modernization of buildings and equipment for keeping laying hens, automation of collection and transportation of finished products
125,3 million rubles

Modernization and improvement of production facilities, through reconstruction and repair on the basis of the existing production site of LLC " Irbitskaya poultry farm»

Modernization of production of pre-insulated pipes
200 million rubles

Improvement of production processes by building a new shop on the basis of an existing production site of LLC "PZPT"