Sverdlovsk region - the industrial center of Russia

Sverdlovsk region is an entity of Russia located in the Ural Federal District. The economy of the region is highly diversified with an emphasis on manufacturing. The most competitive industries are metallurgy and engineering.

  • 2,3  trillion rubles GRP volume in 2018
  • +2,3% GRP growth by 2017

The GRP structure of the Sverdlovsk region by type of economic activity, %

Industrial production

  • 2,33  trillion rubles shipment of own production goods 
  • 109% industrial production index 
    by 2017

In terms of industrial production in 2018 the Sverdlovsk region is steadily among the top ten regions of the Russian Federation.  According to the results of 2018, the enterprises of the region shipped 2,33 trillion rubles worth of goods.  (plus 13,4% to the level of 2017 in current prices), including the manufacturing sectors – 1,96 trillion rubles (plus 14,8% compared to 2017).


  • 82,5  billion rubles manufactured products
  • +5% growth by 2017

Agriculture in the Sverdlovsk region is intensive, which allows the region located in risk agriculture zone to be included in the list of entities of the Russian Federation - leaders in agricultural production.  177 kg of potato, 142 kg of grain, 44 kg of vegetables, 355 eggs, 170 kg of milk, 45 kg of meat are produced per inhabitant of the region per year.

Foreign economic activity

  • 13,1  billion US dollars foreign trade turnover
  • 160  countries consume products of the Sverdlovsk region

Sverdlovsk region takes the second place among all entities of the Russian Federation in terms of non-primary non-energy export.

There are more than 340 representative offices and branches of foreign companies in Ekaterinburg.  Among them are 3M, ABB, Enel, Auchan, Bayer, Boeing, Metro Cash & Carry, DuPont, BASF, IKEA, Coca Cola, OKUMA Corporation, Unilever, CitiGroup, Danone, DHL, BNP Paribas, Pepsico, Leroy Merlin, Enviro-Chemie, OBI, AIG, Siemens AG.


  • 2,28  trillion rubles wholesale turnover
  • 1,13  trillion  rubles  retail turnover

Sverdlovsk region takes the fourth place among all subjects of the Russian Federation in terms of wholesale turnover and the fifth place in terms of retail turnover. Acting as a regional wholesale distribution center, the region is an entry point to the Ural and Western Siberia markets.


At the end of 2018, the total investment in fixed assets in the Sverdlovsk region was 318 billion rubles. Three territories of advanced social and economic development (TOSED), two sites of the Titanium Valley Special Economic Zone have been formed in the region, five industrial parks are functioning and four industrial parks are being designed.

The budget of the Sverdlovsk region (2018)

  • 249,6  billion rubles volume of budget
  • 241,5  billion rubles volume of expenses

According to the results of 2018, the volume of budget revenues of the subject of the Russian Federation was 249,6 billion rubles, the volume of expenses –241,5 billion rubles.  The regional budget for 2018 was executed with a surplus of 8,1 billion rubles. As of 01.01.2019, the debt of the region was 72,8 billion rubles, the ratio of debt to budget revenues was 32,6%.  Given the small amount of debt, the ratio of expenses on its servicing to income, according to ACRA estimates, is estimated as low: 1,3% for 2018, less than the budget surplus.

Assessment of the economy of the Sverdlovsk region by rating agencies

  • ВВ+
  • ruАА-

On the 19 th of April Fitch Ratings affirmed the ratings of Sverdlovsk Region at 'BB +' with a 'Positive' outlook. The affirmation of “BB +” ratings reflects Fitch’s expectations that the region will retain moderate direct risk (direct debt plus other arrears according to the agency’s classification) and acceptable operating indicators with an operating balance sufficient to cover interest payments. The rating also takes into account the developed industrial economy of the region.

On the 7 th of May the Expert RA rating agency affirmed the credit rating of Sverdlovsk Region at ruАА- level. Stable outlook is set. The indicator means a high level of creditworthiness / financial reliability / financial stability compared to other rating objects in the Russian Federation, which is only slightly lower than that of rating objects in the ruAAA rating category.