Progetti che richiedono finanziamenti

Building the medical building "Ermak" for 300 seats
4,095 million rubles

Providing the population with affordable, high-quality medical rehabilitation, sanatorium treatment, specialized highly qualified advisory and diagnostic medical care

Production of glass mosaic
50 million rubles

Organization the own production of glass mosaic with annual production up to 50 000 m2 per year

New peak
35 million rubles

Organization the climbing wall in the Ekaterinburg

Organization the production of high-efficiency heat exchange equipment
330 million rubles

It is planned to expand the park of machine tools, access to small- scale production

Composite production process cell
498 million rubles

Creation the composite production process cell on the basis of the Ural composite manufactory

Creation the largest production of "Ivan-tea" in the world
80 million rubles

Creation the enterprise on production of Ivan-tea of a full cycle from collecting to processing (a full technological cycle and packing)

Building the bacterial starter factory and housing for employees
970 million rubles

Microbiological ferments serve as the basis for the production of many food products, are used in the dairy, bakery and other food industries

Plant for the production the optical cables and fibers «Technoproff»
1 turn - 624 million rubles 2 turn - 3 404 million rubles

Creation the modern production of optical fiber, cable intended for laying in cable sewerage, pipes, soils of all categories

Building a network of complex ecovillages of cluster type «ECOPOLIS»
260 million rubles

Building the innovative ecovillage of cluster type as an object of ecological and ethno-cultural tourism, country recreation and leisure of organic agriculture and a comfortable place of residence

Creation the logistics park «MAGNITKA»
7 050 million rubles

Creation a logistics center focused on acceptance, storage and sale of food and non-food products in the Sverdlovsk region and beyond

Building the roadside complex on the R-351 highway
500 million rubles

Creation a roadside complex including a fuel distribution complex, a convenience store, a fast food cafe, service points, a hotel and an agricultural market

Development of the farm "Barhatnye roga"
50,0 million rubles

Farm located in a picturesque corner with clean air right on the shore of lake Sysertskoe in the South of the Sverdlovsk region

Construction of a plant for the regeneration of oils and production of lubricants
1 770 million rubles

Construction of an industrial center in the Sverdlovsk region for processing used technical and motor oils, producing new oils from them, as well as lubricants, diesel fuel and bitumen

Pharmacy center for the production of individual medicines
40 million rubles

Creation of pharmacy centers for the production of individual medicines is the basis for the development of the individual pharmacy market, which is necessary to improve the quality of medical care

150 million rubles

Development and implementation of software products in the field of logistics